Sunday, May 17, 2009

Granite Tile Counters - Blogging

When you have a blog that you are using to help bring traffic to your web site, it is critically important that you make regular posts. A minimum of two posts per week is what I recommend, but that is the minimum. If you want to have people returning to your web site to read your blog, you need to be providing new, informative blog posts. Plus Google loves new, fresh content.

The problem is that writing is hard work. It takes time and a lot of thought to write a good blog post. But if you take the time and put in the effort, it will be worth it.

So what's happening on the granite tile web site?

Orders are coming in and customers are writing back saying how happy they are with their new granite tile counters. The product is outstanding and people really like it. The shipping process is working... which was a big concern because granite tile easily breaks during shipping. Plus the web site has been updated to incorporate various shipping methods in the online granite tile calculator, with the result being that they can charge as little as $49.95 to ship the tile almost anywhere in the U.S. (This may only be good for a limited time, but it makes for incredible savings and a great value for the customer).

So they have everything needed for a great foundation: an outstanding product (with satisfied customers), great delivery, and outstanding value. What else is needed?

For people to know about this. No matter how good your product and the value you offer, if no one hears about it your business will go out of business. That's where regular blogging becomes part of the plan. Provide useful information, about your products or related to your products, making at least two posts per week, will help to bring people back to your web site and build you rankings in Google.

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