Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Free Press Release Services

Last February I listed some of the better free press release services. Here are three more to add to you list. I've just started using these three, so I can not yet comment on how effective they are. For now I'll just say they exist and their service is functional. - Fast and easy to use. No registration required. Releases are reviewed and put online within 12 hours. - Has a somewhat lengthy registration process. Links within the press release are not clickable. There is a $30 fee for each link you want to be a clickable link. - Requires a quick registration process that includes validation of an email address. Submittng a press release is quick and easy. - A free press release distribution service. Does not allow links, or even a non-clickable URL in text form, in the press release. Seems like too much work for not enough return.

News Wire Today - I've not yet had a chance to review this service. However, I'm seeing press releases on their site receiving high placements in search engine results.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Likno AllWebMenu Pro

I'm pretty good with javascript and CSS, so whenever I've needed a web site menu system I've just written it myself. That was not a very bright thing to do.

Recently my workload has grown such that I needed to find ways to save time--and I had a web site that desperately needed its site navigation to be simplified. I quickly investigated software for automatically creating nested menus, and selected Likno AllWebMenu Pro. That was a very good decision.

It took less than 30 minutes to install AllWebMenu Pro and start creating the menu system I needed. Including the installation time, learning curve (which is very short), and the time it took to create a custom menu system for the web site, I spent about 1/4 of the time I'd have spent creating a menu system myself. This software paid for itself on the first day!

A wide selection of menu themes are included, with more available for purchase. Select the theme that is closest to what you want, then customize it using an easy-to-use style editor. Just fill-in-the-blanks with characteristics such as background color, opacity and the type of border you'd like and you are good to go.

Creating your menu is just as easy. Once again just fill-in-the-blanks with the text and the link and you are building your menu. What's nice about AllWebMenu Pro is that menus can be created by just entering basic information, and it also offers more advanced options such as setting the Z-index and running a javascript when a menu item appears or disappears.

This is a powerful menu building package that is easy to use. No DHTML, javascript or CSS knowlege is required. AllWebMenu Pro will create the files you need and even automatically place the code that is needed in your web pages. All you need to do is follow the instructions AllWebMenu Pro provides that describes which files to upload and where they should be located. It's soooo easy!!

What I particularly like is that adding to or updating menus is so quick and easy. A new menu item can be added (or removed) in less than a minute... and you don't have to worry about the changes introducing bugs into the code (as my fat fingers sometimes do). So not only do you get great menus and save time making them, you get the peace of mind knowing that the code will be clean and bug free.

Every web designer should have a copy of AllWebMenu Pro in their "toolbox". There are all positives and no downsides to owning a copy of this software. For more information about AllWebMenus Pro visit the Likno website.