Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Free Press Release Services

Last February I listed some of the better free press release services. Here are three more to add to you list. I've just started using these three, so I can not yet comment on how effective they are. For now I'll just say they exist and their service is functional. - Fast and easy to use. No registration required. Releases are reviewed and put online within 12 hours. - Has a somewhat lengthy registration process. Links within the press release are not clickable. There is a $30 fee for each link you want to be a clickable link. - Requires a quick registration process that includes validation of an email address. Submittng a press release is quick and easy. - A free press release distribution service. Does not allow links, or even a non-clickable URL in text form, in the press release. Seems like too much work for not enough return.

News Wire Today - I've not yet had a chance to review this service. However, I'm seeing press releases on their site receiving high placements in search engine results.


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