Friday, June 16, 2006

Google Ad Scheduling Brings Automated Day Parting

Google Adwords has just added a new, very useful feature... Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling allows you to preset the times when your ads will run on Google. Times are set on the campaign level and can be set in 15 minute incredments. I've already added scheduling to most of the campaigns I manage. The Adwords help page describes the features in ad scheduling:

"Ads are scheduled on the campaign level, from the 'Edit Campaign Settings' page. The unique ad scheduling tool lets you simply click the blocks of time when you want your campaign to run. A bulk edit feature allows you to edit all days, all weekdays, or all weekend days at once if you prefer.

Ad scheduling also includes an advanced setting which lets you adjust pricing for your ads during certain time periods. For example, if you find that your ads get the best results between 8:00 and 11:00 am, you can bid more for impressions or clicks during that period. Learn more about advanced mode."

It appears Google has been prodded by the features introduced by MSN to add this long overdue feature. Now we can automate day parting. The downside is the Ad Scheduling makes day parting so easy that my competition can start using it and I'll lose many of the advantages that day parting offered.


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