Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Free Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution services are coming and going so fast that I'm finding I need to update the list monthly. The last time I posted a list a free press release distribution services was October 20, 2005 and already half no longer exist and some have switched from free to paid services.

Here is my current list of free press release distribution services:

PR Leap - Free Press Release Distribution to Major Search Engines - this is the premier free press release service. Submitting a press release is straightforward and my releases typically show up in the SERPS.

Press Release Service from PRWeb - another excellent press release service.

The Open Press - I have gotten good results with The Open Press. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines and press release format. They have very specific requirements.

Free Press Release Distribution Service - does not allow links unless you use their paid services. However, it is quick and easy to submit a press release here, so I do use them.

Click2NewsSites - fast and easy to submit a press release. I've just submitted one release through Click2NewsSites so far, so I don't know how well they will do.

PR News Now - This one works a little differently. It more like having a blog for your press releases. I've had a good response from press releases posted here, with many of them showing up in the SERPs. This site requires that you use Internet Explorer. It does not work with Firefox.

The following are specialized free press release services. Even if these are not in your specific area of business, try them, as they may lead you to other topic specific web sites that offer free press release distribution.

Industrial Safety

Sign Industry

Manufacturing Press Releases

Engineering Talk

When sending out press releases, include your local newspaper. Even though your business may not be targeted at your local area, getting information about your business published in your local paper will put another article about you on the web for the world to see.

And, of course, you did include a link to your web site as a part of your press release, didn't you?

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