Thursday, December 29, 2005

Flock - The Blogging Browser

I can't exactly say how I learned about Flock. I think I read about it in a blog this past week, or maybe it was an article in a newsletter. In any case I downloaded it, started using it, and liked it.

Flock is a new browser. It is called a "social browser by its creators, What's a social browser? Flock is designed to facilitate social activities on the web, such as blogging, collaborating and sharing photos. For example, I'm using Flock now to write this, and I like what I see. Using Flock is a lot more convenient and easier than logging into Once Flock has been set up, I just click on the "blog" button and start writing.

Although you can download and use Flock, it is currently only available as a development preview. I'm using version 0.5pre. I have encountered a few glitches, but nothing serious. For example, I've somehow managed to use two fonts in this post and I can not see a way to change fonts so the entire post will have a uniform font.

Overall I think Flock is going to be a big hit, and will be a driving force making blogging even bigger than it now is.

Postscript: Things did not go well when I tried to save this post. Flock reported that it had ecountered a problem and it had saved the post as a draft. My guess is that Blogger's captcha prevented what I wrote from being posted. When I logged into my account, I found five copies saved as drafts--with none posted. If the post was stopped by the captcha, I'm all for retaining the captcha. I'll just log onto Blogger later and save the drafts as posts.

Also, now that I can look at the HTML I see that styles were added to create the different fonts I was seeing. However, these fonts are not showing up online when I save this post. I'm wondering if I picked up the styles when I did a copy and paste on a word I needed correctly spelled.

But, in spite of these problems, Flock makes blogging so easy, that--once the bugs are fixed--this is the browser to use in 2006... and I'll be continuing to use it from now on.


At Friday, February 03, 2006 2:04:00 PM , Blogger Crazy Dan said...

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I seem to have a soft spot for blogs related to
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