Monday, November 28, 2005

Using Articles To Increase Your IBLs

I previously wrote about Free Content For Four Web Site and provided a list of some of the services that offer free articles you can reprint on your web site. There are two aspects to this marketing technique:

1) As I discussed in the first article, you can get content you can quickly add to your web site.

2) You can provide articles others can use on their web sites, which will then provide links to your web site. Each time an article you wrote is published, a short biography of the author (that's you) is included along with a link back to your web site.

Both of these benefits can be particularly helpful to a new web site that is working to both build content and build IBLs (In Bound Links).

Here are a three more web sites that offer free articles:

Idea Marketers - This is one of my favorites because they make publishing articles easy. You start by setting up a profile that includes your links and author biography. That information is then automatically attached to each article you submit, eliminating the need to enter this information over and over, if you submit multiple articles.

Article Warehouse - Requires you to register before articles can be submitted, but registration is quick and easy. Articles are reviewed before they are placed online.

Ezine Articles
- Allows you to submit up to ten articles free. If your articles are of a good enough quality you will be upgraded to a Basic account, which allows 25 article submissions, or a Platinum account which allows unlimited submissions.


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