Monday, October 31, 2005

Free Content For Your Web Site

Are you looking to add some quick, quality content to your web sites? A number a web sites provide articles you can freely add to your web site, as long as you follow a few rules. The most common rule is to provide a link to the author’s web site. You get a free article. The author gets a free link to their web site.

Here are links to four web sites that provide free content you can use: is a part of the Jayde Online Network. It is an article search engine and directory that is updated daily.

Valuable Content provides free content for your newsletter, ezine, or website. Use articles or poems from the Valuable Content web site with the requirement being that you include the author resource box associated with the article and a link to Valuable Content

Article City articles may be used. in whole or in part, provided that author by-lines and links are kept intact, unchanged and functional.

Articles 4 Content I could not find the terms of use for articles from this site. Submitting articles is quick and easy with no sign up required.

Article Beam allows you to freely copy and publish any of the articles in their directory, so long as they are published exactly as they appear. RSS feeds also available.

Article Hang Out Uses the same software as Article Beam. They do appear to have different libraries of articles available. I don't know if they are related, but submission of articles both Article Beam and Article Hang Out is uncomplicated and easy.

Speaking of submitting articles: While adding freely available articles to your web site is nice, it is even better if others put articles you’ve written on their web sites. The result will be that other web sites will be promoting your products and services, and they will be providing valuable links back to your web site. So write a few articles yourself, submit them to the above services, and let other people promote your web site.


At Tuesday, November 01, 2005 2:32:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been looking for a single source I could go to for this information. I'm working on IBLs and content until Jagger 3 is complete, so this is just what I need. I'll bookmark this page.


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