Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Fountain of SEO Knowledge

If you follow the postings in any of the SEO/SEM forums, you’ll find that almost everyone has an opinion on how to achieve top search engine rankings based on their personal experience. The problem is that while some of the various opinions agree, most of them don’t. It can become a confusing, sometimes impossible, quest to separate fact from fiction.

How can you tell what will truly help your web site? You need facts not anecdotes and myths. The place to get those facts is the web site of Dr. Edel Garcia. This past April I had a short posting that mentioned an article on keyword density by Dr. Garcia. However, if you visit his web site you'll find a lot more; and it is all worth reading.

Don't be put off by the technical sounding titles. Dr. Garcia writes in a style that can be understood even by those of us who do not have a technical background. So take a look around. Read the articles and you'll improve your ability to get your web sites to the top of the search results.


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