Thursday, November 10, 2005

Visual Variety

Which of these two pages is more inviting to read?

Facility Safety Management

Modify Workplace Safety for Older Labor Force

Each of the above web sites has reprinted the same press release. Which has the more professional apprearance? Which gives a better impression of a solid company that will be around for a long time? Which one are you more likely to read?

The first is displayed without formating and with the magazine's standard header across the top. This may have been easy to do, and possibly even automated, but what advantage does the web site gain from carrying this press release? Yes, they have an additional page of content, but is that page truly accomplishing anything for the magazine?

The second web site has added formatting to the press release. It is divided into sections by bold headings and quotes are in blue text. This makes the press release easier to read and makes it more likely visitors will read the entire press release.

Why do they want visitors to read the entire press release? After all, this press release is not promoting anything this web site sells.

The press release has information of interest to industrial and manufacturing companies. This web site targets people who work for those types of companies. The objective of this page is to get visitors to respond to one of the offers along the right side of the page, or at least to visit other parts of the web site using the menu on the left. The more of the press release they read, the more offers they'll see--and one of the offers lower on the page might fill a need they have, resulting in a response.

The point is, don't throw away opportunities to encourage visitors to your web site to respond to your web site.


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