Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Link Did It

There was a comment on the previous posting asking, "What happened?" I apologize for not following up and posting the final results. (We're overloaded with work, as usual.)

To summarize. I brought a web site online but had no links going to it. I left it that way for several months. Google did not find it.

I placed one link in a post on this blog. Google almost immediately "found" the web site and placed it in the SERPs. I used a search for the web site name "Be Big On The Web" to determine if Google had found the site. The ranking of the link to the site home page bounced around for about two months, sometimes even disappearing. But by the end of April it was consistently ranking at #2, just under an MSN Lifestyle show called "Big On The Web." I have not made any changes to the web site, nor added any links since then, and it is maintaining its number two ranking for this highly targeted phrase.

The interior pages of the site are included in Google's index.

The site took about three months to show up in Bing. That could be an indication that since Google owns Blogger they directly feed information from Blogger to their search spider. But Bing finds links from this -- very inactive -- blog based on a normal spidering cycle. My conclusion is that, if you want Google to find a page, put a link to it in a Blogger blog.

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