Friday, September 10, 2010

Is OOPS A Good Product Name?

This is a tough one. The acronym for Open Office Productivity Suite is OOPS. Would you want your product called OOPS?

What do you do when you need to deal with negative, unintended consequences? One approach is to embrace it and make it a part of your marketing. Here's a thought for what can be done with the Open Office Productivity Suite.


Are you using the big name office suite? Oops!

Are you having a problem with your word processing software doing things you don't want it to do? Oops!

Are you spending a lot of money providing an office suite for your employees? Oops!

That's right! OOPS is the answer. The Open Office Productivity Suite (OOPS) is the office suite solution you are looking for. You don't need to pay the heavy cost of the big name office suite and you'll have software you control instead of software that thinks it knows more than you do. Visit and get your free copy of the Open Office Productivity Suite today. OOPS will finally put a smile on your face.


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