Saturday, February 07, 2009

Granite Tile Press Release

I don't know if you've noticed, but the ads at the top of this page are now about granite tile. Google has determined that this blog, although it is about marketing, is more about granite tile.

The next step was completed today. Press releases are powerful tools for building a new business on the internet. Today we came our with the first press release for the Easy Granite Tile web site. It announces that the new web site is now available, and for the first time in history do-it-yourself installation of granite tile counter tops is easy. (This is the link that will bring you to the press release.)

Press releases are also good content for the web site, so I've created a press release section and added the press release. So far there is only one granite tile press release so it is the index page in the press folder. When a second press release is added this page will become an index page to all press releases. I'll tell you more about why I things this way in a future post.

There is another reason why we want to have the Easy Granite Tile press release on the web site. I write several industrial blogs and it is frustrating to find a press release published by a press release service that has it copyrighted. I want to go to the originating web site and get a version of the press release I can copy and paste onto a blog. But they don't have it. Always make it EASY, very easy, for the press (and bloggers) to find versions of your press release they can copy and use. The best place to do that is by putting a copy of your press release on your web site.

That's why Easy Granite Tile has the press release on their web site. Actually there's even more to it than this, but that's for a future blog post. For now let's leave it at using the press release to get more publicity for this new source of granite tile that, for the first time, makes custom edged--with precision machine edging--granite tile available for the home handyman.

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