Friday, February 06, 2009

Granite Tile Web Site

The next step was to add a granite tile installation blog to the web site.

Blogs are nice because the provide lot's a fresh, relevant content that Google likes to index. Plus they are easy for experts to use, even though they are not experts in the internet or blogging.

In this case the blog is being written by the Granite Tile Guy and he is loaded with good tips for installing granite tile, as well as anything else related to granite tile. There is only one post as of today, but the goal is to add three granite tile relate posts each week... roughly one post every other day.

Blog posts do not need to be long. I think it is best to have posts that vary in length. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I think Google assumes humans are not consistent and precise. So things with a bit of variability to them look more like they are human created. But I could be way out in left field on this.

By the way, have you noticed what I'm doing in this post? This post is about blogs, but I'm working in the phrases "granite tile" and "granite tile installation." These are the two key phrases that we plan to build traffic going to the Easy Granite Tile web site.

One other thing to notice. I don't use exactly the same tags on all these these granite related posts. For this post I've added a new tag called Granite Installation. Again, variety is important.

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