Sunday, February 22, 2009

Granite Tile Blog

It's been a couple of weeks and it is time for the next step. Adding a blog to the web site. In this case we'll be using Blogger because of its simple user interface that makes it easy for a non-technical person to write posts.

Use this link to go to the Granite Tile Blog.

Posts to a blog actually started about two weeks ago. For a blog to be recognized as legitimate, it needs to have a minimum of at least five to eight posts. By getting a head start the blog is ready to go when it is added to the web site.

A custom template is used so that the Granite Tile Blog has the same look and navigation as the rest of the web site.

Content for the blog comes from questions about granite tile that people have already started to ask. An email response is sent to the person asking a question, and that response servers as the basis for a blog post. That saves time and it results in posts that are about granite related topics people want to know about.

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