Friday, March 11, 2011

Helping Google Find Your Web Site - The Results

Yesterday I posted about a new web site we're doing some testing with. This web site had been online for several months, with no links going to it. Google did not find it. Why might Google find it? One possibility arises from Google being a domain registrar. This gives them access to the domain registration database they could use to discover new domains.

Yesterday we added a single link to the web site, coming from yesterday's blog post. Here are the results of a search for the web site's name, Be Big On The Web:

Six hours after the link was added to the blog, the web site appeared at the number three position. It had the page title, but there was no description.

Twelve hours after the link was added the description appeared and the web site was in the number six position.

24 hours after the link was added the site no longer appeared in the Google search results, but a search for the domain showed that it was in Google's index.

We're now at the 30 hour point and I've included a link in this post. So we'll have two links from the same blog. Let's see what happens.

By the way, Bing has also picked up this web site. It is in the Bing index but not showing in a search.

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