Monday, March 28, 2005

Keyword Suggestion Tool

A key component of web authoring and optimization is determining the keywords you want to target. You need to find keywords that are relevant to the topic discussed on the web page, and which people are actually using in searches. You'll probably think of a few good keywords yourself. But, how do you determine whether searchers are actually using those keywords?. And what about words that never occurred to you?

The Digital Point Solutions Keyword Suggestion Tool can help.

Enter a keyword and this free online tool will provide alternative suggestions, based on actually historical search data, from Overture and Wordtracker. You’ll get a list of keywords and phrases ranked by their popularity. You’ll see how frequently people are searching for the terms that came to your mind, and get suggestions for addition terms that might be appropriate.

Digital Point Solutions also provides a free keyword position tracking tool .This utility will automatically check Google, Yahoo and MSN for search engine ranking and track those rankings for you. Although this tool is free, you will need to register before you can use it.


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