Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Truly Open Directory

Here's an interesting new directory:

Truly Open Directory


This is a Wiki based directory. Anyone can add to, delete from or change it. It's an interesting approach to creating a directory that I hope works.

A big advantage is that it allows web site owners to have listings using the descriptions they want, provided no one else edits them that is.

A big disadvantage is that I'd expect a Wiki directory to be full of spam--and it was on my first visit. However, as I was cruising through various categories, whenever I came across obvious spam I deleted it. With enough legitimate web site owners visiting the Truly Open Directory, the spam problem should be keep under control.

Another big advantage is that listings appear immediately. There is no delay for editorial review or a system update.

Another big disadvantage is that your listings are subject to editing by your compeditors. This may require frequent visits to ensure your titles and descriptions remain accurate and focused on the market you intend to target.

A big advantage is that you can edit your compeditor's listings, to ensure they are accurate and fair. Oh--do I see an editing "war" developing here?

Another advantage is that as I've added web sites I've seen those links quickly appear in various search engines. Apparently the Truly Open Directory is being spidered frequently.

The bottom line - list your web sites in the Truly Open Diretory. It's quick and easy to do, and well worth the effort.


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