Monday, March 14, 2005

Google Still Has Not Settled Down

Apparently I was wrong last week when I said Google search results had finally settled down. This weekend I was doing research on the Bible. On Saturday Google was returning useful results. Assuming I could easily redo searches, I did not make note of all the web sites I found. Returning to my research Sunday evening I found Google was returning a completely different set of results for the same search terms I had used Saturday. Not only were the search results not repeatable, but Sunday's results were not nearly as relevent and useful as Saturday's Google search results had been.

This morning I've run my normal key word tests and found that once again Google's search results have completely changed. This time, although my sites continue to do well, the search results are much less relevent than they were last week.

From a web user perspective I find this type of instability on Google's part makes my web research using Google more difficult. It is continuing to push me towards using MSN.

But, as web marketers how are you to respond to this? The answer continues to be the same. There is nothing you can do to change what Google is doing. Stop worrying about it and work make the best web sites possible for your visitors.

Have unique content that is useful to visitors and which is valuable for others to link to.

Have an easy-to-use navigation system.

Include a site map.

And apply Kaizen techniques to your web sites. This means continually improve. Always be searching for ways to make your web site better.


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