Thursday, March 10, 2005

Google Bans Itself

After my last post the question has come up: If Google can do it [keyword stuff and cloak pages] why can't I?

Today the news came out that Google has banned itself from it's own search results.

The Google pages that used keyword stuffing and "cloaking" were informational pages about Google Adwords. They were created/updated by an automated system in a way that was optimized for internal use within Google. But what they were doing for internal use is banned by Google when someone on the outside does it. Google has announced that the pages have been remove from Google search results and the group responsible for the pages will fix them and apply to Google for re-admitance just like anyone else would have to.

It's good to see Google taking this approach. There is no problem with designing/optimizing pages any way you wish for internal use. But if they are accessible on the web in genera,l you need to expect to have to follow all the rules, no matter who you are. Google did that.


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