Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Six Key Words To Success

February was a tough month for many web site owners. Changes in Google once again resulted in numerous web sites dropping out of the Google search results. Then yesterday it was discovered that Google is boosting the search ranking of their own pages using methods they ban everyone else from using. When your business depends on ranking well in Google, and in other search engines, what should you be doing?

Here are six key words:

Useful Content

Easy Navigation

Site Map

Useful content means that your website has information visitors will find useful. This means it has to be unique, well written and have substance.

Easy navigation means that visitors can quickly and easily find the useful content. Your navigation system should be well organized, consistent and informative.

A site map is an index to your web site. It serves two purposes.

1) It aids visitors in finding useful content on your web site.

2) It identifies the important pages for search engines to index, giving search engine spiders a single page that has links to every page of importance.

At a minimum there should be a link from your home page to your site map, making it easy for visitors and search spiders to find it.

Yes, there are other things you need to pay attention to in order to climb to the top of the search results. Things such as the page title, meta tag description, links, keywords on the page, and good marketing optimization. But, the foundation on which your web site is built is: Useful Content, Easy Navigation and a Site Map.


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