Saturday, April 02, 2005

Marketleap Link Popularity Check

MarketLeap provides a tool that automates checking search engines for links to your web site(s). You can check your web site, along with any three other sites, giving you a side-by-side comparison of your link status vs. some of your competitors.

Link Popularity Check

The MarketLeap Link Popularity tool simultaneously checks for backlinks in MSN, Google Yahoo and Hotbot. It reports exactly what each search engine reports, so it is dependent on the accuracy of the search engine’s link count. It also provides links at the bottom of the report page allowing you to quickly check your link popularity in DMOZ, Excite, Iwon, Lycos, Overture and WiseNut.

Two reports are available:

The Industry Benchmark Report divides the web sites you selected into one of six categories, based on the number of incoming links each has. In addition to the four sites you specified, this report also shows the link popularity results for 34 sites other web sites, allowing you to get a feel for your web site’s comparative link popularity.

The Tend/History Report shows the current, minimum, maximum, and average link popularity for each of the four web sites you designated. It also graphs the trend over time, shows number of sample points and gives the time period over which the sampling occurred. Each time you request a link popularity report from MarketLeap, a data point is established. These data points are saved by MarketLeap and used to produce the trend report.

MarketLeap lists some of the benefits of their Link Popularity tool as:

• Get a count of the number of pages each search engine reports as containing a link to you, including the links on your web sites.

• Check out the sites that are linking to you to find out why, and where they are linking to your web site. This will help you understand who is finding your web site valuable, and what parts of it are considered valuable.

• At the same time you get a report on your link popularity, you can also see how your competitors are doing. If they are performing well, take a look at the sites linking to them so you can discover ways to improve your link popularity.


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