Thursday, December 07, 2006

Counting Backlinks

Enter the following in the search box of any search engine to see the backlinks for any web site. Of course, replace "" with the appropriate URL.



Yahoo now has a separate "search engine" for learning what information they have in their index about a specific site. It is called Site Explorer. Go to Site Explorer at the URL below and enter the URL for the web site in the search box. When the results page appears, click on the "In Links" link.

Yahoo's help page says this about Site Explorer:

" You can use Site Explorer to track the coverage and freshness of your site in the Yahoo! Search index. You can find out:
  • Which pages from your site are indexed by Yahoo! .
  • What links exist to your site's web pages.
If you "authenticate" a site by validating your access to a site, you can access more detailed information like:
  • What subdomains from your site are known to Yahoo!
  • What other information Yahoo! detects about your site, such as language."


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